Art Therapy

Creative expression & meaning making, allows children to gently process their experiences, build resilience and discover their potential with agency. 


Social Emotional Learning

Social & Emotional Learning is the process of gaining knowledge that helps children understand themselves and navigate being part of a society. 


Qualified Art Therapist

All session are delivered by a qualified Art Therapist who has worked extensively with children and families to support a broad range of needs and abilities.

Individual Therapy

The space is small, fun and dedicated to art making, allowing children to get messy whilst exploring their feelings and experiences safely and privately.


At Rhiana Jade Art Therapy creative expression and social and emotional learning are woven together to form a unique approach to therapy that is appealing, gentle and effective for kids.

Art Therapy and Social Emotional Learning can assist kids with a broad range of challenges.

Research suggests that ​all children who have access and participate in SEL programs, not only those experiencing mental health issues will become more resilient and experience increased wellbeing.


What the Kids say

“I love how we did the fashion art. I like fashion, gardening and how we make houses. Art class helps me feel like I can talk lots about how I’m feeling and it calms me down. Art class makes me feel happy. I would love to do some spray painting too please or painting a nice bird like Poppy’s.”

9 years old

“I really like Art Therapy. It’s fun and I love making art with Rhi. Rhi teaches me about all kinds of things like nature and animals and crystals and helps me with problems. I really love spending time making art and talking about things with Rhi.”

9 years old

“I love it and I love getting creative.”

“I like that she helps with art.”

Stella & Luna
8 and 5 years Old

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What the Parents Say

Bridget Kirsh.

Harry’s Mum

“Just wanted to say thank you, his confidence and ability is improving exponentially! I think of all the different therapists we are seeing I have definitely seen the most tangible improvement in life skills.”

Meredith Mascord.

Stella and Luna’s Mum

“We found Rhiana Jade Art Therapy through a recommendation from a friend and could not be happier. My 2 daughters love their sessions with Rhiana and are super keen to go back every time.

Rhiana is so patient with the children and creates a lovely environment to express themselves. Learning about their feelings through art is amazing.”

Scott and Shannon.

Charlie’s Parents

“Our son has been attending Art Therapy with Rhiana for just over 18 months. We sought assistance for him after a significant trauma in his life and are incredibly grateful for the support he has received from Rhiana. Her ability to introduce complex skills in an age appropriate manner that her clients can grasp and apply – all within an interest driven, creative space where kids are engaged and supported is a very special gift.  Our son has learned so many skills that he is able to apply in his everyday life. Seeking support for our son from Rhiana was one of the best parenting decisions we have ever made.”

Kelli H.

Mia and Sam’s Mum

” I wanted to say a big thank you for all your support for Mia and Sam over the past year. We have had some new challenges with the separation – it’s been difficult for the kids to reconcile emotions moving between homes and having different conversations.

Art Therapy has been a great support and outlet for them. Your gentle approach has been amazing. I have noticed a lovely change in the kids and their ability to articulate their feelings. Both Mia and Sam continue to comment how fun art class is.

Your space really packs a positive punch!”

Kids who engage with Social and Emotional Learning programs at an early age learn better, have better relationships, experience better mental health, make better life choices and enjoy socio economic outcomes into their future.

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